Value Comparisons

Seconds Save Lives, Let’s Be Smart With the Seconds We Have…

First Person Protection:
Smart Shields are specifically designed for instant protection at the first sign of danger, protecting the very first person at risk of harm. This requires instantly accessible physical protection. It also sets Smart Shields apart from all other solutions; by providing assured protection while dormant and highly capable mobile protection when needed. Our most effective placement sits on top of a desk disguised as a desk pad or desk top calendar, instantly accessible just “Lift and Protect” self and others.

Help is Coming and More Help if Needed:
We all agree the benefits of early intervention can not be overstated. The difference of intervening with a Smart Shield is, having protection while assisting and knowing help is coming. This is one of the most effective and valuable points; having cover allows others to help… Not only does the Smart Shield send an alert and the location to others, the physical protection empowers people nearby to assist. They also know movement of
multiple Smart Shields alerts additional help and police response if needed. A crowd response having highly
capable protection in hand and first responder backup in route with pin point location, is very powerful and comforting. 

Mobile and Adaptable:
The threats are unpredictable, occurring at any time, at any location, and encompass a range of severity levels. This exponentially increases the complexity of the threat. Unlike any others, Smart Shields address this uncertainty with lightweight mobility, being able to adapt to any type of attack. A very high N.I.J III protection level is provided, defeating high-power rifles, hand guns, knives and fist fights. When faced with a powerful and unpredictable threat, highly capable protection and multiple use options makes the solution highly effective. The six arm and hand holds on the back are key features for mobility. These allow either arm to be used and one arm or two-hand use for added control and strength. Using one arm allows the other arm free for locking doors or helping others to safety while providing cover. Mobility provides exponential advantages in value compared to the hardening of a fixed location. Mobility allows for an adaptable response to any type of attack at any location and enables not only the direct IoT/GIS advantages but also the IoT/GIS advantages of our partners. 

Guided Escape and Shortened Response Times:
Smart Shields communicate with each other, when one moves all the shields in the region light and buzz, alerting others of an emergency and those affected know help is coming. Our mobile app provides guidance away from the danger zone with one big arrow or if X is displayed hide and protect. Our operation dashboard tracks shield movements and calculates the danger zone which is shared with first responders. First alarm times are reduced and on-site officers along with first responders, now know where to go when arriving on-site, greatly reducing their response to the scene. The system is configured for each site to send alerts based on how much shields are moved, the amount of movement in a timeframe and/or with manual inputs. We then get very smart by setting the alert points and levels in proximity to the dynamic threat danger zone. Outlet plugs are not needed and the system self monitors battery levels, which is 6 to 9 months before charging. These features are unique to Smart Shields and it's only the beginning for this highly advanced Internet of Things (IoT) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) connected safety device.

Hidden Protection and Calm Training:

Safer without looking unsafe. Smart Shields are a comfort for those knowing of their capabilities, while also being hidden in plain sight and quickly accessed. Our training is calming as well. Shield training is to simply lift, slip in arm, turn hand up, and cover. With one arm or two-hand use, the free arm can be used to lock doors or to help others to safety. The navigation training is also simplistic, follow the one big arrow or if X is displayed hide and protect. Simulated training on the operations dashboard is used to describe the command overview
provided to first responders during an incident. The site map shows Smart Shield movements, danger zone,
and mobile app arrow or X indications. Through various input options, several shield movements and exit scenarios are viewed on screen. These site scenarios provide a multitude of improved training scenarios in an accelerated time-frame reducing the training burden and greatly minimizing disruptions.

More Safety and Less Cost:
Integrating Smart Shields into the existing safety systems improves security effectiveness and efficiency. Sites with existing electronic systems can communicate with our system. For example, we can share first alert and location information improving the effectiveness of the existing system. Training is improved through multiple simulated scenarios and costs are greatly reduced. Onsite officer effectiveness improves as well, by sending an alert notifications and the location of the threat. New highly effective safety processes can become a reality, such as people nearby can now assist others while being protected themselves. First responders have the location of the threat when arriving, expediting their response to the scene. Medical response is also greatly improved, enabled by a mapped navigation path starting from the first sight of a threat to the closure of the incident. Smart Shields are easily deployed as they sit on top of existing desks. All material have a 20 plus year product life and the IoT/GIS is upgradable over the air.

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