Armor At Hand Shields are a key element to any security plan and have distinct budgeting advantages.

They enhance the performance of security personnel and are easily incorporated into any existing plan, as instant protection. Whether it’s a “shelter in place” or “run, hide, fight”, we no longer have to face these situations empty handed.

The combined physical protection and IoT features, along with the 20 plus year product life sets the shields apart from all other options. The school can be remodel or relocated, and the shield still have high value.

Common Evaluation Questions:

  1. Does this product protect and actually save lives?
  2. Does this purchase over burden current or future school budgets?
  3. Does this choice create any unintended vulnerabilities?

Key Rating Level Comparisons:

  1. Instant Protection
  2. Campus Coverage at All Times
  3. First Alert Duration
  4. Guided Escape
  5. Assured Protection and Peace-of-mind
  6. Initial Cost
  7. 10 Year, 20 Year Cost

Capability and Cost Comparisons:
The protective capabilities of our Stronghold Shields is always available and unaffected by future budget constraint or continued funding. This is in contrast to several other security options which require constant spending levels to simply maintain coverage.

Many proposed options also rely on increased manpower to maintain effectiveness. A purchase of metal detectors or a video surveillance system still requires the expense of someone who is trained to operate the equipment. 

Hiring security personnel, although effective, becomes a long term reoccurring cost as they must be paid for every year or the protection level is removed. Even the addition of local law enforcement must be paid by someone. 

These are important considerations when thinking about the year-by-year variations of school budgets and on-going security costs that could be used for other education related expenses.

Security Options




Initial Cost

10 Yr Cost

On Going Cost

Armor At Hand Shield

Instant protection mobile defense.
IoT AutonoAlert system.
Protection from any type of attack.

    Being inconspicuous, the hardening of school is not obvious. 

      3 to 100 Shields, $1,600 each

      $5k to $160k

      $5k to $160k

      Minimal IoT Electronic System Cost

      Security Guard or Local Police Armed

      Trained to protect and lead armed response. Can adapt to changing situation Familiar with student.
        Vulnerable to disablement. Single initial location. Expensive or consumes local police resources.

          One to Three Guards $80k to $100k avg each.

          $80k to $300k avg

          $800k to $3.0m

          Perpetual Cost of Trained Personnel


          Preventative, barrier to entry
            Containment limiting escape routes. Ineffective for inside attack. Can be circumvented to slip in weapon. Prison look

              $17 to $40/ft w/ labor, over 836 ft per acre (45 Acre Avg)

              $639k to $1.5m

              $650k to $1.6m

              Minor Maint.

              Metal Detectors          

              Can prevent weapons coming through front door.
                Bottlenecks and lines creating a new vulnerability.
                Requires trained personnel


                  6 to 8 Detectors $2,000 each and personnel $30,000

                  $192k to $256k

                  $2.0m to $2.5m

                  Perpetual Cost of Trained Personnel

                  Video Surveillance Ability to track and pinpoint any disturbance.
                    No defensive capability. Limited preventative impact
                      $30,000 to $250,000 $30k to $250k $300k to $2.5m Perpetual Cost of Trained Personnel