Frequently Asked Questions

A shield in a classroom is designed to protect everyone in that class. Placement on the teacher’s desk is the best for an immediate response should any type of attack occur. We have seen teachers and recently grown students step up in these situations to protect others. With a shield they now have a protective tool.

Possibly and possibly not, certainly any security layer is helpful. Our approach is different by providing instantly available protection at the potential source of an attack, consistent with a principle of personal empowerment.

The mobility of a shield and its ability to adapt sets it apart from other fix hardening efforts. The more common incidences of assault can now be countered and the mobile protective coverage extends throughout the campus.

All material in the shield have a life of 20 year or more and the IoT is upgradable keeping pace with the rapidly changing technology. Value has been our focus from the start, this combination delivers the best of both.

By placing our shield on the desktop, it’s instantly available to protect and no other has this design or the IoT connection. Its robust defensive capabilities stops high powered rifles rounds, others stop only handguns and the arm/hand straps allow for two hand or one hand free use. Competing product also have through bolts in material that creates weak points, our shield has no through bolts.

Yes. We designed and tested the arm and handhold straps to allow for almost anyone to use and control the shield. The shield is balanced with arm straps that optimizes body strength. Some weight in the shield is also desired to help absorb the energy of an impact.

School typically view placement in two categories. They could be placed only at the school entry points or at entry points and one per classroom, including libraries and cafeterias.

There is funding available from State and Federal agencies specifically for school security needs. Additionally there is support from private foundations. We have also partnered with a research company to find applicable public and private grants for your possible use.