Hidden In Plain Sight


Blending innocuously into any reception area, office, or classroom environment is a key Armor At Hand feature. 

The ability to "hide in plain sight" allows for a shield to be placed almost anywhere, on a desktop, or hung on a wall, protection is now instantly accessible.

Face covers disguise the shield to look like a desk calendar, blotter, white board or any image can be applied.

For reception areas needing a sharp appearance, there are executive covers options with a leather border and textured aluminum.


Easily Identifiable
Armor At Hand Our goal is to make our shields inconspicuous but still easily identifiable.
Armor At Hand shields are optionally identified with a one inch red stop sign logo
indicating armor, and the ability to stop an attack. The easily recognized symbol
assist those unfamiliar with the environment, and also responding authorities.Stronghold Shield Cover