Hidden In Plain Sight

Hidden In Plain Sight

Blending innocuously into any classroom or office environment is a key Armor At Hand feature. The ability to "hide in plain sight" allows for a shield to be placed almost anywhere, placed on a desktop, or hung on a wall, throughout a campus. This flexibility in placement maximizes immediate access to protection.

Face covers disguise the shield to look like a desk calendar, blotter, white board or chalkboard. In addition to our standard choice of face coverings, we offer additional customization options that can include prints of school colors, mascots, company logos, or any uploaded image.

The disguised nature of the shield is an important characteristic as it lowers the possibility of anxiety related to the ultimate purpose of the shield. It also reduce concerns by teachers and staff about introducing a shield into the classroom or office, minimizing any distraction.


Easily Identifiable
Armor At Hand Our goal is to make our shields inconspicuous but still easily identifiable when needed. Armor At Hand shields are optionally identified with a one inch red stop sign logo indicating armor, and the ability to stop an attack. The easily recognized symbol assist those unfamiliar with the environment, and also responding authorities.

Stronghold Shield Cover