How It Works

First Person Protection and Every Second After…When it comes to protection from common and extreme violence the best first move is instant physical protection. Armor At Hand provides this instant defense with Smart Shields that are hidden in plain sight.

Smart Alerts…The shields are made “smart” by the IoT electronics attached to the shield which 
sends help alert information and then the Esri ArcGIS platform goes well beyond only alerting those nearby. If shield movement continues, ArcGIS escalates the alert to others such as On-Site Officers, Local Police, and 911 Dispatch.

Guided Escape…Those at risk by the attack are also alerted based on their proximity to the threat danger zone in real time. Guidance is provided on the mobile app directing people away from the danger zone with one big arrow or if in the danger zone to hide if X is displayed. Those affected now have actionable guidance based on their real time proximity to the danger zone. The chaos of common and extreme incidents has now been greatly reduced.

Shortened Response Times…For first responders, Esri’s Operations Dashboard displays the danger zone and tracks shield movements. Incident response can now be coordinated on site in real time with location information. On-site officers along with first responders know where to go when arriving, reducing their response time to the scene. Medical response times are also greatly improved with a breadcrumb path displayed, starting from the first sight of the threat to the closure of the incident. This level of situational awareness on scene provides the actionable information required to save lives.

Smart Shields have a calming effect while dormant and are highly capable when needed.
Established is an appropriate situational awareness for all affected; from the first alert through the response, until an all-clear is announced.

Reduced Costs…Calm training is achieved for site personnel, again using the Esri Operation Dashboard. By running a multitude of site escape scenarios, training is improved and it’s accomplish in accelerated timeframes. This calms the training process, minimizing disruptions, and reduces training costs. Smart Shields are additionally integrated with existing physical and digital safety resources, improving effectiveness and efficiency of the entire safety system. Now we are getting smart about safety and safety cost…

More Safe, More Calm, and Less Cost… Smart Shields by Armor At Hand