IoT Electronics

Coupled with the physical shield is an electronic IoT safety system that works with and without human intervention. This forms a powerful lifesaving combination.

The Best First Move:
If an attack occurs, the best first move is the instant protective use of a shield along with alerting others autonomously. Next situational awareness is needed for those affected and first responders.

How It Works:



Removing the Chaos:
Our robust IoT analytics and mapping system with our partner Esri takes it from this point. Mobile devices show arrowed paths to safety guiding each person away from the danger zone and to safe areas. The mapped danger/safe area grids are also shared with first responders, enabling shorten response times.

The autonomous and manual inputs are configured based on your campus needs, including the amount of movement required to alert, timeframes to alert, who is alerted, and what information is provided to each group.

Combining the instant physical protections of the shields and situational awareness for those affected and first responders, significantly improves lifesaving protections. We have now made a difference. Please contact us today to for more information about this powerful combination.