Mobile Advantages

 First Person Protection and Every Second After…Facing violence that appears suddenly and can rapidly escalate to extreme violence, requires highly capable and adaptable protection. Equally important, mobile protection adapts to any situation or location, and without it there is limited value.

Armor At Hand starts with protecting the first person encountering a threat. The solution is simple; lift for instant protection and know help is coming. It takes this instant accessibility in those early moments to be effective. Our best placement is on a desk, simply lift the edge for instant protection. When placed on a wall, lift or pull from its mounts. Protection as close as possible to where people spends the majority of their time is the goal.

Mobility and Empowerment…When confronting violence, lightweight mobile protection has
valuable advantages. Arm and hand holds on the back make Smart Shields adaptable to any type
of attack at any location. Use two hands for added control or one arm, allowing the other arm free
for locking doors or helping others to safety.

The empowerment of protective equipment enables those near the attack to assist while being protected themselves. People nearby can now work collaboratively to address the incident early before escalation. Rooms equipped with Smart Shields before an incident provides real shelter in place options. When in the danger zone, it’s often better to hide with protective cover and prevent possible exposure to the attacker while escaping. These versatile practices enable the protection levels required to saving lives.

Until first responders provide an all clear notice, risk of harm remains and protection is best held nearby. While moving away from the danger zone the lightweight Smart Shield comes along, adding protection during the escape and mapped location information for first responders.

Mobile Enabled Cost Saving…Mobility also enables all the Internet of Things (IoT) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) features. There would be little need for the electronics attached to the shield, if it were not mobile. For example on use of a shield, an alert is sent and help is coming. Those affected are guided from the danger zone on the mobile app with one big arrow or if in the danger zone to hide if X is displayed. First responders with the knowledge of the attacker location respond directly to the scene. Further descriptions are under IoT Electronics.

Key Advantages…Mobility is a key driver of effectiveness, from the first person protection, to providing protection at any location, along with enabling the IoT/GIS advantages.

More Safe, More Calm, and Less Cost… Smart Shields by Armor At Hand