Mobility In-Action

Our approach is simple; Lift for instant Cover. When on a desk, simply lift the edge. When placed on a wall, simply lift or pull from its mounts to be immediately deployed. Multiple Arm and Handhold strap allow complete control of movement. 

Mobile and Adaptable
With mobility the defensive capability adapts to any number of unexpected threat scenarios, or weapon type, at any location. This is especially important for the protection of open common areas where large groups form, such as a cafeteria or hallways.

Use of the shield is intuitive and requires very little or no training. Within milliseconds a defense can be presented that is robust enough to not only protect, but to delay an attack from escalating until law enforcement arrives.

Immediate Defense
Most often the violent incidence starts quickly and without prior notice. The first violent act is usually the first notice that something is wrong. Our best use of the Armor At Hand shield is in those early moments of confusion and uncertainty. An immediate “Lift and Cover” action is all that is needed to preserve life.

Protection of Self and Others
Once an attack starts, multiple shields can go into action. They can be used individually or together to form a larger areas of protection. Individuals and groups can take cover while evacuating into a safe and secure location, saving lives. In some cases, a choice can be made to use multiple shields in an offensive move against an attacker.

Real Shelter-In-Place Option
Training to evacuate out of the area of an active shooter as quickly as possible has been the prominent choice. However, that plan is evolving to include shelter-in-place options, as there may not always be a safe or readily apparent escape route. Pursuing an escape route could inadvertently place people within sight of the attacker. By introducing a shield into the environment, a stay-in-place defense becomes a much safer option.

Every situation requires a different and specific action plan that is flexible and adaptable depending on how an attack develops. With pre-planning and the strategic addition of Stronghold shields, evacuation, offense moves, or stay-in-place defenses become real life saving undertakings.