Mobile Protection Advantages









First Person Protection:
Violent incidence most often start quickly and without prior notice. We starts with protecting the first person that encounters a threat, whether it be common or extreme violence. Our solution is simple; lift for instant protection and know help is coming. It’s in those early moments of confusion and uncertainty were Smart Shields first become very effective.

To be most effective the protection needs to be as close as possible to were the person spends the majority of there time. The best placement is on a desk, simply lift the edge for instant protection. When placed on a wall, lift or pull from its mounts to be immediately deployed.

Mobile and Adaptable:
Threats are unpredictable, occurring at any time, at any location, and encompass a range of severity levels. Unlike any others, Smart Shields address this uncertainty with lightweight mobility, being able to adapt to any type of attack. This is especially important for the protection in open common areas, such as a cafeteria or hallways.

When faced with a powerful and unpredictable threat, highly capable protection and multiple use options makes the solution highly effective. The six arm and hand holds on the back are key features for mobility. These allow either arm to be used and one arm or two-hand use for added control and strength. Using one arm allows the other arm free for locking doors or helping others to safety while providing cover.

Nearby Assistance and Crowd Options:
By having protection in-hand, others nearby the incident are empowered to assist. The option now exists to work collaboratively to address the incident early before escalation, while being protected. Smart Shield can be used individually or together to form a larger areas of protection. In some cases, a choice can be made to use multiple shields in an offensive move against an attacker to assist those in danger.

Mobility Enables IoT/GIS Advantages:
Mobility also enables all the Internet of Things (IoT) and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) features. There would be little need for the electronics attached to the shield, if it were not mobile. For example with 10 shields on site, when one is lifted all others in that region light and
buzz, everyone then knows to take cover and help is on the way. We next track the movement of the shields in real time on the site map and with
our partner Esri, the danger zone is displayed in real time. With that information mapped, on our mobile app those affected are guided from the danger zone to the safe areas with one big arrow or hide if X is displayed.

1) First responders and 911 centers are provided the information and now know the location of the danger zone in real time, shortening their response to the scene.

2) Location information in the form of an attacker breadcrumb trail is also provided to medical responders, greatly assisting a rapid medical response to those injured.

3) In addition to our direct IoT/GIS advantages there are also the IoT/GIS advantages of our partners and the advantages of connecting to the systems utilized by our customers.

Protection During Escape:
While moving away from the danger zone the lightweight Smart Shield comes along, adding protection during the escape and location information.

Protection During Shelter/Hide:
Smart Shields pre-staged in rooms, before they become a danger zone location, provides real shelter in place options. If the choice is available, it’s often better to hide with protective cover to prevent possible exposure to the attacker.

These Armor At Hand mobility advantage provide great value to our customers helping them to become More Safe, More Calm and all at a Lower Cost.