Our Best Instant Defense

"Our Best Instant Defense"

The use of “OUR” stems from a belief that prevention of violence in our schools is everyone’s duty and we are striving to implement a product that unifies us in this common goal. The heartbreaking stories of attacks on schools affects us all, and we see it as our collective responsibility to make lasting changes so this no longer happens.

We are focused on offering solutions that can be used by anyone, with little training while having the strength to defend against any attacker whether they are armed or not.

We want a something that helps today. No longer do we want to hear the terms “soft target” and “human shield” used to describe these terrible events. Our product can eliminate both of these detested descriptions. If we can’t prevent it, we can at least offer anyone in this situation “An Instant Defense”.

As parents, our children have asked what they should do if something like that happens. We gave that a lot of thought… Immediate access to a Stronghold Shield is now our answer. We are offering it to be part of your answer as well, and like a life preserver on a boat, or a fire extinguisher we sincerely hope it never gets used.