Our Mission

It's time to get smart about... Safety and Safety Costs

MissionMore Safe, More Calm, and Less Cost
Provide a new level of preparedness from common and extreme violence, delivering assured safety and lower costs. 

Vision: Well Equipped and Calm
Staff that are both equipped and calmly aware can achieve the goal of assured protection and peace-of-mind, leaving behind concerns of common and extreme violence in schools, places of worship, and the workplace. Training is accomplish in calm effective methods reduces tensions and concerns. The combination fosters an environment that ultimately shifts the focus back to teaching/learning in schools and safe wellbeing for all.

How: Smart Shields
Using advanced materials, we introduce instantly accessible physical protection coupled with advanced IoT/GIS technologies into areas of risk. Designs are hidden in their environment promoting calmness while also being mobile and highly capable, adapting to any type of threat, a key for effectiveness and value. IoT/GIS integrations with other existing physical and digital resources are used to increase their effectiveness as well. The result is a comprehensive system that is More Safe, More Calm, and at a Lower Cost.

Education Program Vision: Learning with Internet of Things (IoT) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
While focused on safety we also have an opportunity to offer advanced hands-on high tech training in schools by providing schools additional IoT/GIS devices designed for learning and the Esri Education program that offers ArcGIS software free to schools. The combination has endless possibilities for learning, as the devices have advanced sensors and powerful analytics. With these capability the Esri ArcGIS can be used to program interactions with GIS maps and other IoT connected devices such as robotic cars and drones.