Our Story

The Mission for us is simply to: Prevent Harm

Helping each other, we believe can make all the difference in an emergency. Our IoT and GIS system empowers us all to prevent harm before it occurs, enabling early intervention and good outcomes for all. Empowered to Prevent Harm…

Urgent medical conditions and threats of violence are more common than we understand and I have been personally affected. The tipping point for me was the Parkland Florida violence, when my daughter as a junior in High School came home and asked, “What do I do if something like this happens in my school.” I was shocked, knowing there is little on-site that can help and then chose to act.

Our focus ever since is on early intervention, emphasizing the importance of calming and hidden protections. We are now a team of seven, made of executives having aerospace engineering and business experience as well as IoT/GIS experience. (Internet of Things and Geographical Information Systems)

Chad Ahrens Founder and CEO