Our Story

Chad Ahrens Founder and CEO; I have been personally affected by these violent attacks and like many others was greatly troubled by the Parkland incident. Our family has two school age children and one in college studying to be a teacher. I am also aware of and have access to advanced materials and IoT electronics that can be used to save lives.

After Parkland, I was asked by my high school junior “what should I do if something like that happens at my school?” There was no good answer. Noticing the disguise of a large desktop calendar, prompted action. Armor At Hand is now our answer.

Our team contains executives having aerospace and business experience as well as IoT experience, with our advisors being experts in education and security. The group has been assembled with a sense of urgency to offer a defensive solution to school attacks and community safety. 

We realize there is a tremendous amount of talk within our society proposing social and legal changes, but it’s unknown when any real change will happen and if it will actually be effective in saving lives. We hope that as a society we can move together toward a permanent solution to prevent these tragic events, however currently there is a worsening trend and urgent action is needed.

Immediate access to an IoT connected lightweight shield, hidden in the environment is our contribution to this complex issue. Longer term we have larger goals and hope to contribute to solutions that ultimately improve our education system and graduation rates for all children.

"Our Best Instant Defense"

The use of “OUR” stems from a belief that prevention of violence in our schools is everyone’s duty and we are striving to implement a product that unifies us in this common goal. The heartbreaking stories of attacks affects us all, and we see it as our collective responsibility to make lasting changes today so this no longer happens.