Our Story

Chad Ahrens Founder and CEO; I have been personally affected by these violent attacks and like many others was greatly troubled by the Parkland incident. Our team contains executives having aerospace engineering and business experience as well as IoT/GIS experience. (Internet of Things and Geographical Information Systems) Aviation turns out to be a uniquely qualifying background, as aviation does “strong and light” very well, along with navigation. These are key points of our smart shield design.

After the Parkland attack, my daughter as a junior in High School comes home and asks, “What do I do if something like this happens in my school.” I am shocked at the question and give some type of dad answer; duck, run, all the time knowing there is nothing in the school that can stop a high-powered rifle. We also have a daughter in college planning to be a school teacher and a freshman son in high school, plus everyone across the nation is highly concerned about common and extreme violence. I then looked down and saw a large desktop calendar and wondered why is it made of nothing, it’s sitting right there easily accessible.

When I was trained in advanced materials 30 years ago it would have been Kevlar materials used to stop a rifle, at 3 inches thick and weighing 50 lbs, there is not a lot that can be done at that weight. Research revealed new polyethylene materials, developed within the last 10 to 15 years that only weight 12 lbs for the same size. A major defense contractor was then found that loved our idea and agreed to supply the material.

Once access to the polyethylene material was secured, we started to think about how the shield could best be used. One of the incident that had a major impact on the design was a report about the coach in the Parkland attach that was standing in doorway of a classroom helping children to come in, while he was taking hits from the attacker. My thought was, he knew what he was doing and that he may not make it, but chose to help the children. This was so tragic because he made the right choice for the children, but had no protection, no equipment available for what he was confronting. When the straps were designed, the choice of one arm or two-hand use was built in so a person can go to a door with a shield having cover, and one arm free to lock the door or help others to safety. It’s a design attributed to this courageous coach.

We then discovered our partner Esri; having powerful mapping and algorithms for predicting hurricane paths and detailed maps that route a person walking around a construction zone. We then knew with our shields there were ways to create an identifiable danger zone that moves in real time with the situation. Once we had the danger zone, all that was needed was the smart mobile app with one big arrow pointing those affected to safety or an X indicating to hide in place.

Like many of us when things like this happen, I always think what can I do to help. Having a new approach, access to advanced materials and IoT/GIS technologies, and with attacks still being regularly reported, how could we not act and launch a new solution?

To complete the product, inconspicuous designs were then developed hiding the shields in plain sight. At each step we focused on building very a high quality solution with long-term value. All material have a 20 plus year product life and the IoT/GIS can be updated regularly over the air.

"Our Best Instant Defense"

The use of “OUR” stems from a belief that prevention of violence is something in which we can all contribute and we are striving to implement a solution that unifies us in this common goal. The heartbreaking stories of attacks affects us all at each new incident, and we see it as our collective responsibility to make lasting changes today.

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