Our Story

First and foremost, we are parents of school age kids and we are using our aerospace and business experience to offer a defensive solution to school attacks. Like many, we have been effected personally by these tragic events. In addition to having kid in high school, there are teachers in our families and college student working to become a teacher. After the February 2018 Parkland Florida attack, we were driven to action and chose to develop a solution to save lives today.

We realize there is a tremendous amount of talk within our society proposing social and legal changes, but it’s unknown when any real change will happen and if it will actually be effective in saving lives. Our solution is only a part of the bigger debate surrounding school safety, but it offers a real solution that is currently available. We hope that as a society we can move together toward a permanent solution to prevent these tragic events, however currently there is a worsening trend and urgent action is needed to save lives.

Being focused on an immediate defense drove us to a goal; “Have defensive protection on-site before the next attack, wherever that may be”.

It could be a lofty goal, but what more worthy propose could there be than protecting the lives of our children and teachers?

Immediate access to a strong and light weight protective shield, hidden in the environment is our contribution to this complex issue. Longer term we hope to contribute to solutions that ultimately improve our education system and graduation rates for all children.

Until our society can implement effective change, our focus will remain on providing an improved defense and giving those caught in a similar situation, a fighting chance.