Armor At Hand™ manufactures light weight ballistic shields in the USA under the Smart Shield™ brand. Major components are sourced at ISO 9001 quality certified manufacturers with long histories in the defense industry. The shields are positioned to be key elements in the safety plans for schools, hospitals, office buildings, bar/restaurants and places of worship.

The patent pending design can be thought of as an inconspicuous life preserver, concealed but always available to assist in any attack until help arrives. They blend into the surrounding environment, while offering certified N.I.J. level III protection from common pistols and high-powered rifle including the AR-15.

Immediate access to protection is the key to saving lives. The statics sadly show, victims only have a fraction of a second to preserve life during an attack. Armor At Hand products are just that… at hand and available where people spend most of their time.

Our most effective shield sits on top of a desk disguised as a desk top calendar and the use approach is simple; “Lift, Cover and Protect Life”. If placed on a wall as a whiteboard or art print, simply lift or pull from its mounts to be immediately deployed.

The strap design and the lightweight mobile defense capabilities of the shield allows for an mobile and adaptable response to any type of attack. This sets it apart from all other security solutions which seek to fortify rooms and are permanently fixed to a single location.

Let's take a leap forward.

The shield is an IoT connected product. IoT features provide autonomous alerts, mapped danger/safe zones, and audio/visual guided paths to safety for each affected person and first responders.

Its the physical and IoT electronic technology combination with mobility, that makes a difference. The combination addresses the “during incident” safety plan performance by offering an immediate defense and instant calls for help, two key elements for any existing safety plan.

Teacher's input indicates it will also be very useful to stop classroom violence in general, such as fights and knives, assisting in classroom management. The last point is equally important. Our schools have all trained for active shooter threats. There is now an increased threat awareness. The combined IoT and physical technologies provide the missing assurance of real protection and peace-of-mind.

The shields are made of advanced materials having a life of 20 years or more, the disguise can be changed at any time, and the IoT is updated as technologies advance. The result is a purely defensive, durable product, hidden within its environment, providing protection and peace-of-mind for years to come.

Please tell others, we sincerely want this to help.