Placement Plan and Police Collaboration

Introducing the shields into a school environment is accomplished with a strategic placement plan. This is best developed through collaboration with your local law enforcement or security consultants which are already familiar with your school and neighborhood. These are your defensive experts and partners in determining how to place and use your shields, including training and practice drills.

When determining placement, areas to consider are the entry or main office areas, common areas like libraries, cafeterias, large hallways, as well as individual classrooms.

Entry and Common Area Placements, 3 to 5 Shields per School:
Entry Areas are at the highest risk of an initial attack and where protection is most needed to limit escalation. Personnel trained for such a response or on-site security personnel are also generally located in entry areas and with a shield they instantly more effective.

Common Areas such as libraries and cafeterias may require more than one placement to cover the entire area. An attack in these areas can be most devastating given the large number of people using the confined space. 

The ultimate goal is to have a shield at the location of the any initial attack. All too often we have seen damage occur even when the police are only minutes away.  No amount of response time is short enough in these situations.

Classroom Placements, One per Room:
To insure immediate protection, a shield on the desk of every teacher gives the greatest amount of coverage throughout the entire campus. Input from teachers in this area has included a use case for not only gun violence, but also protection from knife and fist fight violence. The Stronghold Shield is effective in all these scenarios.

Area Count  Description Phase A Phase B Phase C
Entry Area For administration personnel that may first encounter a threat.  xx  xx  xx
Common Libraries and cafeterias or other locations having many people in a confined space.  xx  xx  xx
Classrooms Teachers desk or first row student desks.  xx  xx  xx