Preparedness, Placement, and Police Collaboration

Equipped and Prevention is Preparedness... By leveraging new technologies preparedness can be achieved, producing more effective and lower cost safety. It starts with equipping staff for the conditions they may encounter along with training to help themselves and others. Prevention practices such as knowledge of inflection points and see/hear something say something are all part of a comprehensive preparedness approach.

Goals of Preparedness and Lower Safety Costs:
1) Employee Care; our desire to protect and reduce employee concerns/fears.
2) Professional Readiness; avoid national attention nightmare.
3) Economics; improved effectiveness of existing security resources, lower insurance premiums, reduced security costs.
4) Site Presentation; calm appearance while being prepared.

Introducing the shields into an environment is accomplished through collaboration with your in-house security, local law enforcement, and/or your security consultants.

Entry Areas:
Entry Areas are at the highest risk of an initial attack and where protection is most needed to limit escalation. On-site security personnel are also generally located in entry areas. Incorporating Smart Shields in this areas, immediately adds protective and mobile cover improving safety and the effectiveness of existing safety resources.

Common Areas:
Common Areas such as libraries and cafeterias may require more than one placement to cover the entire area. The risk in these areas is from the large number of people within a confined space.

One per Classroom/Office
For campus or site protection from common and extreme violence, shields are placed on the desk of each teacher or one per office. The advantages are empowering others nearby to help while being protected themselves and the ability to quickly de-escalate incidents.

Area Count  Description Phase A Phase B Phase C
Entry Area For administration personnel that may first encounter a threat.  xx  xx  xx
Common Libraries and cafeterias or other locations having many people in a confined space.  xx  xx  xx
Classrooms or Office Campus or site coverage and empowerment advantages.  xx  xx  xx