Smart Shield™

Only the Best Will do…Armor At Hand™ manufactures IoT/GIS internet connected Smart Shields™ in the USA. The patent pending design provides physical protections, with the advantages of being mobile and an IoT/GIS connected product.

First Person Protection and Every Second After…When confronted with common or extreme violence, the best first move is instant physical protection. Armor At Hand products are just that… at hand and accessible where people spend most of their time. The solution is simple; lift for instant protection and help is coming.

Smart Alerts…The shields are made smart by the IoT electronics attached to the shield. Move one and all shields within the region light/buzz, alerting others of an emergency and those affected know help is coming. The Esri ArcGIS platform then goes well beyond alerting those nearby. If shield movement continues, ArcGIS escalates the alert to others such as On-Site Officers, Local Police, and 911 Dispatch. Our mobile app provides guidance away from the danger zone with one big arrow or if X is displayed hide and protect until help arrives. 
See much more under IoT/GIS Electronic.

Shortened Response Times…The Esri Operations Dashboard tracks shield movements and calculates the danger zone in real-time. Incident response can now be coordinated on site with location information. On-site officers along with first responders know where to go when arriving, reducing their response time to the scene. The system is configured for each site to send alerts based on how much shields are moved, the amount of movement in a timeframe and/or with manual inputs.

Hidden In-Plain-Sight…Placed on a desktop Smart Shields are disguised and instantly accessible. If placed on a wall as a whiteboard or art print, lift or pull from its mounts to be immediately deployed. Smart Shields blend into the surrounding environment in areas of risk, including entry areas or schools, hospitals, office buildings, bar/restaurants and places of worship.

Mobile and Adaptable…Arm and hand holds on the back make Smart Shields adaptable to any type of attack at any location. Use two hands for added control or one arm, allowing the other arm free for locking doors or helping others to safety. The empowerment of protective equipment enables those nearby to assist while being protected themselves. See Mobility Advantages for the many benefits for mobility.

Advanced Materials and Performance…Major components are produced at ISO 9001 quality certified manufacturers. The core is made up of an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) designed to capture projectiles. Independent testing has been accomplished to an equivalent N.I.J. III level of protection stopping multiple NATO 7.62mm projectiles and with the capability of stopping lesser threats from common pistols and high-powered rifle including the AR-15.

Calm Training…Training is done calmly for site personnel, with GIS digital site map simulations and minimal hands-on training. By running a multitude of site escape scenarios, training is improved and it’s accomplish in accelerated timeframes. This calms the training process, minimizing disruptions, and reduces training costs.

Lower Costs…Smart Shields are additionally integrated with existing physical and digital safety resources, improving effectiveness and efficiency of the entire safety system. Smart Shields have a life of 20 plus years, the disguise covers can be changed at any time, and the IoT is updated over the air as technologies advance. Now we are getting smart about safety and safety cost…

Summary… It's the physical and IoT/GIS electronic technology combination with mobility that makes a difference. Smart Shields are a comfort for those knowing of their capabilities. The added benefits of improving the effectiveness of existing safety procedures and first responders, sets Smart Shields above other solutions. There is now assured protection and peace of mind; for parents, students, congregations, staff, and those accountable for safety.

More Safe, More Calm, and Less Cost… Smart Shields by Armor At Hand
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Easily Identifiable (1 inch Logo on Front) 

Smart Shields are optionally identified with a one inch red stop sign logo indicating armor and the ability to stop an attack. The easily recognized symbol assist those unfamiliar with the environment and responding authorities.


Shield Sizes

Light Size measures 17" x 22" and weighs under 16 pounds.
It is designed to easily sit on a desktop or be wall hanging.

Full Sized measures 20.5" x 25" and weighs under 20 pounds.
It easily sit on a desktop, a whiteboard stand, or wall hanging.

Large 25" x 42" and extra large 31" x 50" sizes are available mounted on a stand or wheels.


StrongHold Shield