Smart Shield™


Only The Best Will Do:
Smart Shields™ are manufactured by Armor At Hand™ in the USA. The patent pending design provides cover and captures high-powered rifle rounds while having the advantages of being mobile and an IoT/GIS connected product.

Immediate access to protection is needed in a fraction of a second to preserve life during an attack, Armor At Hand products are just that… at hand and available where people spend most of their time.

Our most effective placement sits on top of a desk disguised as a desk pad or desk top calendar, simply;
“Lift and Protect”. If placed on a wall as a whiteboard or art print, lift or pull from its mounts to be immediately deployed. Our strap design and the lightweight creates the mobile defense capabilities. Two-hand or one arm use is available, leaving the other arm free for locking doors or to help others to safety.

Major components are produced at ISO 9001 quality certified manufacturers. The core is made up of an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) designed to capture projectiles. All materials used in the shield are non-toxic and no-smell, making them suitable for any location. Given their defensive nature, they can also be left unattended in a child friendly environment.

Ballistic protection ratings are set by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ, an agency of the United States Department of Justice). Our shields are independent tested at an equivalent Level III protection rating stopping multiple NATO 7.62mm projectiles and with the capability of stopping lesser threats from common pistols and high-powered rifle including the AR-15. NIJ Level III protection is our minimum standard.

Smart Shields are made of advanced materials having a life of 20 plus years. The disguise covers can be changed at any time. Electronics are updates over the air, as technologies advance.

It's the physical and IoT/GIS electronic technology combination with mobility, that makes a difference. Just as important, Smart Shields are a comfort for those knowing of their capabilities. The added benefits of improving the effectiveness of existing safety procedures and first responders along with the reduction in
safety cost, sets Smart Shields above other solution. There is now assured protection and peace of mind;
for parents, students, congregations, staff, and those accountable for safety. 

Easily Identifiable (1 inch Logo on Front)
Armor At Hand shields are optionally identified with a one inch red stop sign logo indicating armor and the ability to stop an attack. The easily recognized symbol assist those unfamiliar with the environment and also responding authorities.


Shield Sizes
 Light Size measures 17" x 22" and weighs under 16 pounds. It is designed to easily sit on a desktop or be wall hanging.

Full Sized measures 20.5" x 25" and weighs under 20 pounds.  It is easily used sitting on a desktop, a whiteboard stand, or be wall hanging.

Large 25" x 42" and extra large 31" x 50" sizes are available which are best suited for on a stand or mounted on wheels.


StrongHold Shield