Smart Shield

First Person Protection and Every Second After...  
If confronted with common or extreme violence, the best first move is instant physical
protection... and let the IoT device send the alert automatically.

Instant protection and help is coming.


Hidden In-Plain-Sight… 
Placed on a desktop Smart Shields are disguised and blend into the surrounding environment; 
whether it be entry areas of a business, schools, hospitals, or places of worship.

Mobile and Empowering... 
Use two hands for added control or one arm, allowing the other arm free for locking doors or
helping others to safety.

Calm Training…
Training is done calmly for site personnel, with ArmorGIS digital site map simulations and minimal
hands-on training. This calms the training process, minimizing disruptions, and reduces training costs.

Lower Costs… 
Smart Shields have a life of 20 plus years, the disguise covers can be changed at any time,
and the IoT is updated over-the-air, as technologies advance.

More  Safe, More Calm, and Less Cost...




Covers Options...
Color options our endless and for reception areas needing a sharp appearance, there are
executive covers options including a leather border and textured aluminum inlays.

Easily Identifiable

Optionally one inch red stop sign logo indicating armor.



Shield Sizes

Light Size measures 17" x 22" and weighs under 16 pounds.

Full Sized measures 20.5" x 25" and weighs under 20 pounds.